“To seek truth and a silent awareness in your mind"

~ All You Need To Get Started Is Some Time & Space ~


Mindfulness isn’t a temporary state of mind that you only achieve while in a mindfulness experience or meditation. 

It is a way of living, a way of life.

For whenever we remember to be, we can be “in” the present moment in any situation.

Mindfulness allows us to be more thoughtful in all situations, especially those that are challenging.

It is not designed to eliminate difficulties such as stress, rather, it will give you more choice on how to handle these emotions in the moment.

The training ground to learn mindfulness is through the act of meditation.

With practice, and once you’re familiar with the practice of meditation, you’ll develop the ability to be present at all times throughout your days.

The Mindfulness Experiences or meditations presented here have been lovingly written and recorded to allow you to experience this mental growth.

All of these recordings can be completed in an “eyes open” or “eyes closed” situation. It’s completely up to you.

(Please NEVER complete these while you’re in control of a moving vehicle, motorbike or bicycle.)

You can download all of the experiences and listen to them whenever you need to or want to.

“Once A Brain Expands From An Experience, It Can Never Go Back To The Way It Was”

Practicing mindfulness can increase levels of compassion, reduce aggression, increase positivity and wellbeing, reduce stress. 

lotus flower

Your Mind and The Lotus Flower

Think about your mind like a lotus flower.

Once the sun warms the outer petals, they will open.

Once the sun warms the next layer of petals, only then will they open up.

And so on for each layer.

If the sun and warmth are interrupted, the whole flower will close and protect itself.

It takes a long time to go through the process of warming, opening each layer to get to the amazing centre of the flower.

Each stage is a layer of letting go.


“Creating a Safe Place In Your Mind”


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